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There are several ways to reach the BCTP at the Physikalisches Institut:

To obtain more details on the public transport system in the Bonn area, you can use the VRS webpage.

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By car

If you're coming from the Frankfurt direction, follow the A3 up to the Autobahnkreuz Bonn/Siegburg, then take the A560 until you get to the Autobahndreieck St. Augustin, change to the A59 and follow it to the Autobahndreieck Bonn-Beuel, and finally take the A565 to Bonn.

The same applies if you come from the Cologne/Bonn airport (via A59), then as above, or from the east of Cologne (via A59 or via A3, and A560), then as above. Direction Bonn is always indicated on these motorways.

If you're coming from the Cologne direction, take the A555 until the Autobahnkreuz Bonn-Nord and then the A565 towards Koblenz.

From the Koblenz direction, take the A61 to the Autobahnkreuz Meckenheim and switch to the A565 towards Bonn.

  • You leave the motorway at the Bonn-Poppelsdorf exit (as the Institute is in Poppelsdorf). This exit makes you automatically pass under the motorway from which you came (resp. leads you directly to the two track road), and you arrive at a two track road; this road first passes under a block.
  • At the first traffic light go right, at the next one right again, and at the third one right again (so as to acomplish a 270 degree rotation). You're almost there.
  • The fourth street on the left (after Kekule-Str., Karlrobert-Kreiten-Str., Katzenburgweg) is the Nussallee, on which the Institute of Physics is. Just follow this street for some 200 meters, the institute is on the right and has the number 12.

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From Bonn railway station

The institute can easily be reached on foot (approx. 12 mins.) starting from Bonn railway station:
  • Leave the station by one of its western exits, you will find yourself now on Quantiusstraße.
  • At its northern end (right) you turn slightly to the left into Colmantstraße (with all the beautiful fassades from the nineteenth century on the left side).
  • You follow this road (later called Endenicher Allee) up to the third set of traffic lights.
  • There, to the left, Nussallee begins (currently, there is no road sign, to the right you will find a road sign Kaufmannstraße), where, after 250 meters, you will see the Physics Institute. The building has the number 12.

PS. Equipped with a city map you may find a more beautiful way via Poppelsdorfer Allee, or the shortest one (about 10 mins.) via Quantiusstraße, Dechenstraße, Baumschulallee, Kreuzbergweg, Wegelerstraße to the rear entrance of the Institute.

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From Siegburg ICE station

From Siegburg ICE station you take the tram no. 66 to Bonn railway station:
  • Walk down the stairs from the ICE platform to the tram ("Stadtbahn"), to the right side.
  • Enter the tram no. 66 (Telekom-Express) direction Bonn. The sign on the tram may display Königswinter or Bad Honnef instead of Bonn, but do not worry, Siegburg is the terminal stop of the line.
  • Get out at Bonn-Hauptbahnhof (first underground stop, the ride takes approx. 25 mins.)
  • Follow the guide From Bonn railway station.

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From Cologne/Bonn airport

From Cologne/Bonn airport you take the bus no. SB 60 to Bonn railway station (the ride takes approx. 27 mins.)

The institute can now easily be reached on foot (approx. 12 mins.):
  • Cross the street between the bus stop and the railway station at the nearest traffic lights on the platform.
  • Turn right and walk down the stairs.
  • Turn left and leave the station by its western exit.
  • Follow the guide From Bonn railway station.

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