Preprints of the research group
Theoretical Condensted Matter Physics

of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Monien

Author Title Year ArXiV
Varma, V.K. Antiferromagnetic Ising model saturation field entropies: ladders and kagome lattice 2013 1305.4606
Varma, V.K. & Monien, H. Spin wave theory for interacting hardcore bosons on cubic lattices: a comparative study 2012 1212.5191
Varma, V.K. & Monien, H. Lattice Green's functions for kagome, diced and hyperkagome lattices 2012 1211.5666
Varma, V.K. & Monien, H. Renormalization of two-body interactions due to higher-body interactions of lattice bosons 2012 1211.5664
Guertler, S. & Monien, H. Doping the Kagome: a variational Monte-Carlo study 2011 1105.0581
Varma, V.K. & Monien, H. Strong coupling expansion for bosons on the kagome lattice 2011 1103.6002;
Spenke, M. & Guertler, S. The classical $J_1$-$J_2$ Heisenberg model on the Kagome lattice 2011 1109.4526
Monien, H. Hankel determinants of Dirichlet series 2009 0901.0883
Monien, H. Gaussian Summation: An Exponentially Converging Summation Scheme 2007 math/0611057

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