Prof. Dr. Hartmut Monien SS 2014
Dipl. math. Stefan Krämer


Modular forms - a Computational Approach

Are you interested in number theory and geomety?

Would you like to learn, how one can use the computer to do math?


Time and Place

Tuesday, 14hct
Seminar room I in physics institute


The detailed program can be found here


February the 6th at 11hct
Conference room I in physics institute


The main source of the seminar will be the book of Stein: Modular forms - a Computational Approach. A copy of this book can be found online on the homepage of William Stein.
We will be using the mathematics software system SAGE.


e-Mail: skraemer (at)
Phone: +49 228 / 73 - 2557
office: Nussallee 12
Room 1.032c
53111 Bonn