Modul physik617

WS 2015-2016

Theoretical Condensed Matter

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Monien

Exercises: Ramses J. Sanchez

If there are any questions, feel free to contact us. You can also pass by the office room 1.032b, PI at any time.


The lectures will take place on Tuesdays 14-16 and Thursdays 12, in the HS I of the PI.


The traditional books are:
  • C. Kittel, Quantum Theory of Solids (1963).
  • N. W. Ashcroft and N. D. Mermin, Solid State Physics (1976).

Also, two very important books for the prerequisite knowledge of statistical physics:
  • L. D. Landau and E. M. Lifshitz, Vol 5: Statistical Physics (1959).
  • R. Feynman, Statistical Mechanics (1972).

And some extra literature for the ambitious student.


The exercise session will take place on Mondays 14-16, in the Seminar Room of the Wolfgang Paul building.

We plan to have 10-12 exercise sheets. Please hand in the homeworks during the tutorials.

Note that the students who plan to attend to the examination need to attain at least 50% of tutorial attendance and 50% of the homework points.